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About Us

We would like to welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. We proudly serve Carroll, Frederick, and Howard Counties. We are Licensed, bonded, and Insured to make you feel more Secured!!!!

Here are our employees and a little about them for you to get to know them better...

This is me, Catrina! I am here to give you the best services available today! Give me a call and I will be sure to beat the competition!


Catrina Smith

Hey everyone! My name is Catrina Smith and I am the owner/operator of Double Take Services. After dedicating 8+ years to another cleaning company, I decided it was time to start my own! Here's some things about me that I bet you didn't know!:

I am part Hawaiian with family living on Oahu and was born in Rosenheim, Germany on May 31, 1977, came back to the states and my parents had my sister January 1980. We then went to Greece for 2 weeks (1981/1982) and lived in Moscow, Russia for 2 years where I attended kindergarten and took violin lessons (and still have that violin to this day). We then came back to Maryland where we've been ever since. I attended South Carroll High School and received my diploma and an Academic Certificate.

My husband (Todd) and I went to school together but neither one of us ever got up the nerve to say anything to each other. A couple years after I graduated we met at CVS/Pharmacy where I had been working since 1993, hooked up and September 2, 2000 we were married at Piney Run Park and have been happily together ever since!

We have 4 dogs (Mugsy, Emmitt, Bailey,and Digger) and a kitten (Ozzy). They are our life! I enjoy spending every minute with them and my husband. I also enjoy 4-wheeling with our club (Jack 'Em Up 4x4 Club), the beach (Hawaii), reading, horror movies, playing guitar, going to concerts, and of course cleaning!! 

My husband and I got the chance to go to Hawaii for a family reunion for our 10 year anniversary and were remarried at The Fern Grotto. We both love it there and hope to retire there someday.

Well, that's about it! If you want to know more just ask!

Todd, Co - Owner of Double Take Services, LLC

Co-owner/ Operator (2007)

Todd Smith

Hello everyone! My name is Todd, I am Catrina's husband and co-owner/ operator of Double Take Services. After dedicating 10+ years to a General Contractor I decided it was time to incorporate my skills with my lovely wife and create a business that cannot be beat! Our keen eye for detail and superior skill set combined we are a team that no one can compare too! We don't only do this for a living but as our hobbies too! Here is just a bit about me....

I was born at Frederick Memorial Hospital March 4, 1975. I was raised in Carroll County and have pretty much been here all my life. I come from a long line of hard working, wood workers, and carpenters. The skills I have, was taught to me from day one. There isn't much that I can't do, but there is always something new to learn. I am knowledgeable with plumbing electric, carpentry, and of course mechanics (auto, small engine and some electrical motor repairs). I have been working in the janitorial, Commercial , and residential cleaning industry for more than 22 years and growing! I focus my life around my wife , 4 dogs (kids) and the cat! I try to provide for them every day! I love to work and enjoy meeting new people every day! When I do catch a break I still wind up working on something , but its just my nature I guess! My hobbies include but not limited to, Customizing and restoring cars, trucks and motorcycles. Remodeling my home and making it more efficient for my family and friends to all enjoy! And my absolute favorite hobby is setting back with my family and friends around a nice and relaxing evening at the FIRE pit! If you want to know more about me or what I can do, feel free to ask. I truly look forward to meeting you and helping you with your every day chores! Just give us a call, we will be there for you!

Todd and I @ Double Take Services, LLC, Commercial and Residential Cleaning

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